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Welcome to Drone Judge – The World of Drones! We started this site to provide consumers with direct access to reviews, information, and drones’ guides.

While there were undoubtedly many sites out there offering great information, the vast majority of them were focused on, well, doing it yourself – buying motors, wires, a frame, etc., building the quadcopter, then pairing it with your RC control. It’s great if you can do that yourself, don’t get us wrong! But that vast majority of people don’t have the time, knowledge, or inclination – they’re looking for ready-to-fly kits.

So, that’s where Drone Judge was born – as a resource for the general public, who may have heard about these “quadcopters” or drones that you could buy for very little money now.

In the past few years, drones’ technology has matured significantly, and manufacturers realize that there are huge untapped markets for ready-to-fly drones – in the toy, hobbyists, and professionals category. As the number of models (and manufacturers) has increased, it’s hard to keep track of them all and figure out what drone is the best for your needs.

We’re aiming to provide the resources and advice to help you make that decision – or to help explain to you what a drone is!

Whether you are just starting and this is your first aerial device, or you’re a pro who has built countless RC drones, helicopters, and quadcopters, there’s something for you here at Drone Judge.

We sincerely hope you benefit from our content, and please don’t hesitate to let us know what you think. And if there’s a particular question or topic you’d like addressed here, please send us a message – we’re easily reached through the Contact Page.

Enjoy and happy flying!

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