Potensic T25 Review

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If you are looking for the perfect drone to give as a gift to someone that is into photography, sports, or just for fun, this is the one for you.

The Potensic T-25 is a drone with a camera attached that takes high-quality video and pictures. It is great for sporting events, concerts, and weddings.

It is also a great drone for beginners with a one button take-off and landing. It is also easy to control with the buttons on the joystick and is sturdy enough to withstand crashes.

What is the Potensic T-25?

The Potensic T-25 is a camera drone that is controlled by a joystick. It is extremely stable, stable enough that you will be able to film most sports with it. It comes in at around 5 pounds and has a great camera that can capture great footage. It has a 1-inch CMOS sensor and uses autofocus technology to focus on the subject. The camera is controlled by the Potensic T-25’s large-sized buttons on the left and right sides of the controller. The controller also includes a button that allows you to turn the drone on and off. In order to get started, you will need to connect the drone to your smartphone via Wi-Fi. The drone has a good battery life, and should be enough to get you through most things. It also has a range of 10 to 12 miles and a ceiling of about 500 feet.

What are the features?

The Potensic T-25 drone has a high-definition 1080p camera with a 5MP sensor. It also has a hud so you can easily view and see where the drone is in real-time. The drone has a 4.3-foot flight time and a 100-foot distance range. It can also fly for up to 45 minutes. It has a silent rechargeable battery that can be recharged in 2 hours with a 3-minute charge. The video and photos are clearer and more stable than your phone. The T25 can take panoramic 360 degree photos and videos. It also comes with a built-in 720p camera, allowing it to take crystal clear photos and videos. It can be folded up and can also be carried in a backpack.

How does it fly?

The controller on the bottom has a lot of buttons that make controlling this drone simple for the experienced pilots. The propellers are on wheels so if you have an issue with the drone it will roll right off the ground. You can adjust the height of the drone with the three modes that have their own buttons: Self-Balancing, Portable, and Drone Helper. If you put it in Portable mode, the angle will change to 90 degrees to help keep the drone level. You also have a forward facing camera that you can adjust with the joystick to take pictures or for movies. Possibly the best feature of the T-25 is the high battery life. If you charge the battery up when you get home from work, it will last you the whole night!

What are the drawbacks?

There are some downsides to the Potensic T-25. The first issue is that the video quality is not great. It is better than a smartphone but not amazing. It would be ideal if it recorded in Full HD but its footage looks like it is in GIF format. The Video Quality and Connectivity If you are going to take advantage of the Potensic T-25’s great video quality you will have to connect it to your phone with an app. The video quality is a little better if you take advantage of the goggles that are sold with the drone. These goggles allow you to view the video in full HD. If you take this option, be aware that the videos are super grainy.


The T25 drone is easy to use and can fly at a high speed. It has high quality cameras with a rotating 2x720p, depth of field (DoF) lens. The drone can be carried around easily and doesn’t weigh too much. The camera can also be used to take pictures in different lighting conditions. Cons The drone is a bit loud when in flight. The drone’s camera might not be good enough for taking photos in low-light conditions. One issue is that it may not take good quality videos.

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