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The S5C is the latest drone in the SNAPTAIN series. It is designed for kids and beginners and is not as durable as other drones on the market. It flies great, has amazing features, and is priced right.

Who is the S5C for?

The drone is best for kids who want to get their hands on a small drone. The drone is durable and is fun to use, especially when used in its kiddy mode. The camera quality is not top-notch, but it is pretty good. It is perfect for snapshots and snapshots and for a fun time. Overall, the S5C is a great starter drone for kids who are starting to get interested in drones. You can also buy some other features in the supermini area to make the drone more useful for novice or for those who want to upgrade later.

What are the features?

It is great for those who want to fly a drone on their own, without any help from an experienced person. It is small, light, and affordable. The user interface is intuitive and user friendly. It can be used indoors, outdoors, in the open or on a flat surface. It has built-in GPS. It comes with pre-installed flash, one-touch video mode, two propellers and propeller guards. It is great for selfies, videos and such. You can attach it to a GoPro, and then you can record the selfie video. What is not so great? The flying experience may not be as smooth as with other drones. The drone flies slowly and has limited flight time. This makes the drone slow. It is too slow for the flying experience. The hard plastic body is difficult to take off and clean.

How does it fly?

The drone has great battery life and a small built-in camera. It comes with a suction cup and everything can easily be removed for safe storage. It can fly up to a speed of 30m/s, and can take off and land with a max altitude of 100m. There are two flight modes: Auto and Sport, which are great modes to start off with. It doesn’t need any more power than that to get it in the air. Why is it different? Its small size makes it easier to carry around. It also folds to almost half its size. The small size makes it easy to land, and you don’t have to worry about the durability of the drone. The auto mode is cool because you can use it for some tests, but if you don’t want the drone to come down, you can press the power button to fly it yourself.

How durable is it?

The SNAPTAIN S5C was recently tested and was found to be fairly durable. There were some marks left on the drone from crashes but they weren’t too deep. All in all, it’s not the strongest drone in the world, but it’s not as fragile as its competitors either. How good is the camera quality? On paper, the S5C has the same camera quality as the SNAPTAIN S3 – f/3.3, 720p. You can compare it to other low-end drones on the market to see how good the camera quality is. The videos that we received showed that the S5C was only capable of recording at VGA resolution (640 x 480) and the videos from the camera were fine.


The SNAPTAIN S5C Drone: Is It Worth It? depends on what you need it for and your level of expertise. If you are starting a new drone adventure then the SNAPTAIN S5C is the best choice for you. Overall, the experience of using the SNAPTAIN S5C is positive. However, the simplicity of flying the drone does not match the more sophisticated features. As a beginner, I am unable to find many issues and I consider this one of the best drones for beginners.

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